Partnering with software companies creating efficiency and sustainability in organizations

About us

Partinc is a European investment firm that invests in SaaS, Service as a Software, companies supporting organizations to become more efficient and sustainable. We partner up with business entrepreneurs who share our engagement and long-term commitment, and provide the experience and resources needed to accelerate their business growth.

Investment approach

Partinc invests in growing SaaS companies in the Nordics and Benelux.

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Software as a Service

The core of our investment strategy is to invest in companies with a scalable Software as a Service, SaaS, business model in place. Our focus is on businesses born in the cloud, but also companies transitioning from traditional software sales to SaaS subscription solutions are of interest.

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Growth and scale-up phase

We partner with companies with strong international growth potential and primarily engage in the early expansion phase or before the main expansion strategy is established.

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Active investor

As a committed partner, we actively support the founders, owners, board, and management in our portfolio companies. With experienced advice of how to build successful expanding businesses, we improve company performance and maximize value growth.


Our current portfolio companies operate within different fields and offer various SaaS tools to make organizations more efficient and sustainable. Their solutions cover:
• Voice and text communication in and between organizations by combining telecom and online technology (Lynes)
• Transformation of several types of documents between companies, such as invoices, orders, delivery notes (Tie Kinetix)
• The order to payment process for companies that work with a subscription model (Younium)
• Handling of ideas within and around an organization (Hives)
• Creating and maintaining a smooth sales flow process (Seidat)

Lynes Technologies

Offers a SaaS tool for Unified Communication Enterprises, UCaaS. The tool includes a fully integrated telecom solution and a software collaboration platform, all in one.

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Offers a SaaS tool for subscription management to enterprises using a subscription business model. The tool includes support for the order-to-payment process, product management and dashboards with key performance indicators.

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A SaaS innovation platform used by innovation teams wishing to structure and visualize their innovation efforts, making sure they are effective. Hives makes it easy for them to engage as many people as they want, internal or external, in order to get the best possible insights, ideas and results.

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TIE Kinetix

Offers SaaS solutions to companies, government agencies and their partners, to help them exchange business documents electronically, thus simplifying supply chain processes. TIE Kinetix is listed on Euronext Amsterdam (TIE) and has offices in the Netherlands, USA, Germany and France.

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Seidat is a cloud-based sales platform that enables a smooth sales flow through interactive and easy to use sales materials and collaboration features. The company's SaaS offering meets today’s challenges in terms of editing, managing, presenting, sharing, and analysing flexible presentations.



Partinc consists of two investment teams: one located in Stockholm, Sweden, and one operating in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.


Stockholm Office

Drottninggatan 61, 2 tr

111 21 Stockholm


Amsterdam Office

Fred. Roeskestraat 115

1076 EE Amsterdam

The Netherlands

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May 15, 2023 Co-founder Per Nordling presents Partinc at Redeye SaaS Day, May 16, 2023
March 15, 2023 Partinc takes lead in new financing rounds supporting Lynes Technologies and Younium on their growth
January 31, 2023 Partinc Capital and seek investment opportunities between €500,000 and 2 million in Dutch B2B SaaS scale-ups
December 23, 2022 Partinc Capital continues to invest in Dutch SaaS company TIE Kinetix
August 17, 2022 Partinc Capital invests in Finnish SaaS company Seidat
February 12, 2022 Partinc Capital invests in the Dutch SaaS company TIE Kinetix
February 9, 2022 Partinc Capital raises capital from J2L Holding
November 18, 2021 The "ERP system" for B2B SaaS companies raises SEK 34 million in a new round of funding (Swedish)
June 9, 2021 Partinc Capital will invest in (at least) 10 Swedish Saas companies - this is the first purchase (Swedish)